EVIL BARBIE Mod in Among Us!

Sub found out a way to bring Barbie into Among Us! However, she's evil! In this mod, crewmates play as Ken and have to avoid being killed and captured by Evil Barbie!

BODY PARTS Mod in Among Us!: />
#AmongUs #Mod #Barbie #EvilBarbieMod

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14 комментов

  1. Knight
    Since Halloween is on the way let's do a mod to celebrate it like a headless horseman mod or a jack a ripper mod
  2. JentPlays
    Did you notice about halfway through Fletch stopped calling it hair drying and started calling it “hairdressing” for some reason?
  3. Thin Kyishwe
    If you finish your task you can it will think your dead
  4. ? Pastel Cookie ?
    your vids are so cool i watch them everyday you post?
  5. The Siberian Fox
    bloke is the only one that looks like a normal guy

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