Among Us but Amogus CRUSHES Squid Game

big brain

?Music provided by BGM President
?Track : Red Light, Green Light - s

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  1. 지형 선
    Red: haha! It is a red light!Black: hi i am a partner of your team so you should stop shotRobot: exploreEveryone: now it time for hit
  2. 76人目標のしろてる [Shiroteru]
    It's a different game lol
  3. Kang JIN Lee
    When is red light* black:STOP AND HIT HIM When is green light* black:GO GOGOGOGOGOGOWhen the doll is red light light*Black:ninja thanos handWhen the doll ded*Everyone:STOP BEING SUS REDBlack:EJECTED HIMCyan:wait!Everyone:WATTTTTTcyan:roses r red rose sus toorose and red r the imposters*
  4. Im an asphalt
    1:37 when codm players finally met the hacker face to face

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