Xiaomi Mi Pad 5: FINAL LONG TERM REVIEW! MIUI Bugs? Lags? Any Regrets?

Been using the Mi Pad 5 for 2 weeks now and got to know the tablet a little more. Here's a few more things I uncovered over the process.
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0:00 - Introduction
0:47 - MIUI on Mi Pad 5
1:33 - Display and Social Media Test
2:23 - YouTube and Netflix Test
3:36 - Gaming Feedback
4:09 - Productivity Test
5:00 - Video Calling Test
5:30 - Mi Pad 5 Keyboard
6:07 - Xiaomi Smart Pen
6:50 - Conclusion

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11 комментов

  1. Irman Md Nor
    I didnt notice that you’re from Malaysia until you mentioned it……. It is so rare watching Malaysian Youtuber doing a very professional review content like this… Your video editing, your explanantion is very clear… Keep it up bro…
  2. Tom Dominguez
    I know how to fix that netflix issue, however im yet to receive my pro 5..
  3. Lianuary Nurdin
    Can I ask about the video output? Does it work with HDMI adapter? I am looking for something to use at work and I need to use separate monitor for my presentation. Thank you ??
  4. Reinier Cauinian
    Hi, I notice that I dont have the search button on my Netflix apps, I am using the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro CN version. Do you have an answer to these....
  5. Emily Yew
    Is the landscape of Facebook can be in full screen for mi pad 5? Anyone can help?
  6. ChaoticHarmony
    when do you think the global release for the mi pad 5 pro will be? or will they not?
  7. Maciej Ryczko
    Your reviews are pro / clear / go to the point. 10 on 10 / I subscribed Your channel.

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