Android 12 Beta 4: Top new features!

All of the top new features in Android 12 Beta 4!

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00:00 - Intro
00:51 - Home controls renamed to Device controls
1:06 - Wi-Fi toggle returns to Internet section
1:24 - Themed icons now labelled as 'beta'
1:52 - Settings page makeovers
2:38 - Improved cropping tool when resizing images
3:16 - Phone indicator chip in status bar
4:03 - Pixel Launcher gives Google Search widget a Material You makeover
4:42 - Game Dashboard fully usable with in-game quick toggle
5:25 - Recents menu adds quick image sharing
6:14 - Android 12 Easter egg goes live!
7:13 - Outro and wallpaper info!

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8 комментов

  1. GlennGomez
    Download in my P3a! Nice and smooth , the new UI design is suit well in a 5.6 screen ?
  2. Shahbaz Khan
    What are the bugs currently in the beta 12 4 I want to update my Pixel 4A is it a good option
  3. randomdoodification
    That chip on the lower right is killing me lol
  4. Nasaama yt
    will my data be deleted if I download the final Android 12 update after the beta?
  5. Mahibul Roni
    Does anybody know when Android 12 is releasing on the Samsung devices?
  6. Vinicius Rabelo
    You guys introduced the new system with the device in night mode all the time. A bad review without exposing the beauty of the system!

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