HOL HD: Scott Frost Minnesota Post-Game Press Conference

Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost with the media after Nebraska's 30-23 loss at Minnesota.

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  1. Dudley Dawson
    I prolly get slammed for this but after this bye week I really feel like 3-1 is a possibility. Purdue is a win, OSU prolly a loss but if it's a night game, maybe. So it will come down to Wisconsin if they get the upset there I think they beat Iowa with a bowl game on the line.
  2. Kspec1515
    People have NO idea how hard it is to build up a struggling program. They have no clue how hard it is to recruit in such an environment. Frost left a WINNING program in UCF that HE alone built. If he can't get it done in Nebraska. No one can. Believe that!

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