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  1. Mario Cindrić
    So, they lost the game where Curry was 23%FG and 25% for 3pts and LBJ was 56% FG and 45% for 3pts dropping 34 pts. Oh yeah, I forgot instead LBJ and AD supporting cast for Lakers is awful, full of old and overrated players. And you won't win anything shooting FTs under 50%. Warriors just demonstrated how team basketball should be played and how you can turn ball movement almost into the prfection. They probably won't win Championship, but you can be sure they will be play off team.
  2. Abdul Hanan Husein
    Duba introduced the long game to the NBA with shots from way behind.... this year they're introducing the short game with those sneaky passes under the hoop, rechanging the game they changed already
  3. Michael Geronimo
    Maybe the Lakers need another star to help bron
  4. Jeremiah Alexander
    Westbrook need his own lil squad to work with he at his best when he in control

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