Astro Drive Review — with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at fast-paced spaceship racing game!

00:00 - Introduction
00:58 - Overview
04:55 - Final Thoughts

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11 комментов

  1. Superstar Banana Mix
    Boring cover as well. Artists these days just keep reusing that same "purple and blue grid in space" all the time
  2. Chris Musix
    When you do the week in review you say the rating you give, but you don't give the ratings in the actual review.
  3. Funsickled
    Hey Tom, any chance you guys'll be reviewing the latest game from the Board to Death crew, Neon Knights 2086? Robert Geistlinger made a preview video of the game back during its Kickstarter campaign, but it'd be interesting to get the Dice Tower's take on the final release.
  4. Groovebot 3000
    Unless this game is less than $10 I feel like you might as well get the 8-Bit Box, which not only comes with a much better looking, more interesting game of this nature (Outspeed) but two others on top of it.
  5. Johnny Palumbo
    Wow this game is garbage .. does stronghold even playtest there games ?
  6. Shane Annigans
    I'd buy this for $10-$20 to play with non-gamers.I know a few people who only like these super light and short games.Sure, there's other cheap, light, quick games but I can't think of any racing ones with the retro-sci-fi theme
  7. Steeve Beaupré
    Thanks for the review, Tom. Also, that's one glorious hat!
  8. jcb3393
    Thank you. I saw this on sale at CoolStuff today ($13) and was wondering about it (especially since Amazon actually had it for less than $9).This is why we value your reviews - so we can buy VERY good stuff with our savings.

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