Tata Punch First Drive Review I Could this Swift rival be a game changer?

Defeating cars like the Maruti Swift and Hyundai Grand i10 Nios is not easy, a task Ford, Mahindra and Chevrolet have failed to achieve in the past. To win you would need a car with a different approach which also possess skill sets that go beyond what we have seen in this segment. Tata has tried to do just that by bringing in a mini SUV to knock out the hatchback kings by delivering the Punch. The question is have they succeeded in doing just that? Find out in our First Drive Review of the brand new Tata Punch micro SUV!

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  1. Surekha Surekha
    Congratulations ????? un beateble super Punch of Ta TaCongratulations forever forever jay ho Vijay ho Digvijay ho pakka to TATA motors congratulations
  2. Jitender Ghangas
    Review is ok but be mindful before opting to buy Tata Motors product. Recently went through the Safari fraud video and Tata Motors is issuing legal notice to poor cheated customer. If you can manage the legal notices, go ahead and wish you good luck
  3. Anuran Deb
    Why Tata no Led headlamp, please provide white light in front at least...
  4. YoMamaBeenFartin’
    This car is what masses needed all this time... I can bet this car will be the game changer
  5. Qzjt
    Отличная машина ????? сколько стоит? ???

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