World Cup Italia ’90 (Sega Mega Drive) — Review of a Mundane Game — Kim Justice

Today, we have a little review of a football game that just about everyone who had a Mega Drive probably's World Cup Italia '90! And...well, it's ugly, a game that plays terrible football in every possible way. You won't find any blast processing why on earth does it strike such a chord? How did this game get played so much? Why is it even remembered?...let's find out! Enjoy!

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  1. One3rdNinja
    I’ve seen people complain about the music stopping for a goal kick or corner kick several times, but my version didn’t do this :/Was this rectified on the Mega Games 1 and Mega Games 6 versions, as these are the versions I grew up with and the music played from the kick off to full time without a break.
  2. Daniel Morley
    I’m sure my uncle had it on a similar compilation as mega games one, but it had golden axe on it instead of super hang on.
  3. Tamhas Woods
    In the summer of 95 (the hot one, where you rented Beavis & Butthead every week!) this was the first mega drive game I ever played. Ever.Luckily it came as part of the 6-in-1 pack, so it did not put me off for life. Next one I played was Golden Axe..... absolutely hooked from that moment on.
  4. BigWill2k
    here after twitch stream of worst sports games ever 2020
  5. Champman 0102
    The game was shit, I played it back in the day and thought it was shit then, but.... even to this day, when I see a goal scored, on TV or at a match, not far in the back of my mind is that sound byte Goooaaaaall playing to me.
  6. MaxSpender
    It's a bit like a game called Euro Soccer on the Amiga. It's not very good & I know it's not very good, but there's something about it that makes me keep coming back to it for a quick game. Maybe it's the uncomplicated gameplay & the fact that they're unintentionally funny that provides sufficient amusement to overlook their shortcomings.
  7. Alan Ó Cléirigh
    First World Cup for Ireland italia 90, went to shops to pick this up man o man was I disappointed
  8. Mark C
    To be fair, s friend had this game and I actually preferred playing this compared with kick off on my amiga.
  9. Saince Gaming
    It's an adaptation of Microprose Soccer on computers !

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