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Обзор Classic Game Room TURBO OUT RUN для Sega Mega Drive, выпущенного в 1992. Садитесь в свой Ferrari F 40 и мчитесь по Соединенным Штатам в этом 1992 выпуске для Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis. Turbo Out Run, будучи более линейным по сравнению с его собратьями и сестрами Out Run, предлагает солидные, предсказуемые гонки в академическом стиле с хорошей музыкой и красочной графикой.

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  1. RZ
    i'm starting to suspect that Mohammed doesn't exist, and it's just a character created by Mark... i mean, this guy should be crazy (and rich) to donate all these games and systems...
  2. CarozQH
    Fun fact: Instead of Sega this version of Turbo Outrun was developed by a small European developer called Tiertex Design, mainly known for making horrible computer games.
  3. Marco Wolken
    By now I've played all the Megadrive Outrun games and I think I might have to buy all of them, because they are all awesome games.
  4. Juan Carlos Damonte
    I think Outrun, Outrunners and Outrun 2019 are all betters than this one. The main problems i found is the slow framerate and strange handling.
  5. Cloud9
    I never heard of this game but does not look that good.
  6. Alex J
    Turbo Outrun = Good in the arcades, absolutely bag of shite on the Mega Drive. This is one of the worst ports ever. Practically everything that was good was removed. The port had a crap frame rate despite no track detail, horrible scaling, & far fewer cars. The port sucked balls back in 1992...I can't imagine how bad it is now.
  7. madcommodore
    This is worse than the technically god awful Amiga version by the same people, looks like a mildly improved Master System technically. Why SEGA didn't do it in house after their excellent OutRun boggles the mind.
  8. Spetz Playz
    Very good arcade game. Way better than the original outrun
  9. Frankie Frank
    Very similar to Top Gear on snes with beefier graphics
  10. Expresso the cat
    i found this at an antique store, and the game looks supa cool

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