Классическая игровая комната — TEST DRIVE II: THE DUEL обзор для Sega Genesis

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Test Drive II позволяет игрокам сесть за руль Ferrari F 40 или Porsche 959 в поединке! Изначально выпущенная для ПК, версия игры для Sega Genesis добавила Lamborghini Diablo. CGR показывает оригинальные 5 1/4 дюймовые дискеты для версии для ПК, включая «Supercars Pack», «Muscle Cars Pack» и «California Track Extender!» Вау!

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  1. Clay3613
    I picked this up a month ago along with the SNES version. My Genesis copy has purple highlights on the artwork though, weird.
  2. noptic
    I was unaware the test drive series was so old. I must be getting it mixed up with something else.
  3. Gamevet
    This was one of the games that really made me want to get an Amiga. I ended up getting an Amiga 500 with this game and several of the expansion disks.
  4. Lunitaproductions
    The image quality of the game looks awful, why u didn't udes your Genesis moded to s video?
  5. Rasdock
    The part around 6:00 is what the first Test Drive was like: driving up a mountain road with the mountain on your right and a drop on your left. That was about it for the first game.
  6. WellBeSerious12
    Man, if only PCs had high-capacity cartridges. Review Top Gear. My favorite 90s racing game.
  7. Fuzy2K
    This video froze making the title screen say "SIC GAME R HD" for a few seconds...
  8. By Demons Be Driven
    Great game probably even better on the SNES
  9. Trevor Phillips
    Back when I was a kid I would dream of driving a Ferrari out west in the desert. This game really got me into car culture and radar detectors. Finally got to live my dream driving a Ferrari out west. Thank god for exotic car rentals.

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