Основные моменты игры 2 Dodgers vs. Braves NLCS (17.10.21) | Основные моменты MLB

Доджерс против Брейвс NLCS Gm2: полный обзор игры от 10 / 17 / 21, представленный Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer.

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14 комментов

  1. Mr. Prado Robledo
    #ATL.. AHV My Seventh Team, God Bless America. #LTV
  2. Bigbluenation Smith
    Well dodgers fans. From the way game 3 is going. We just need to look into rebuilding the pitching staff over the winter and come back next year.
  3. Joshua Salazar
    We still won the championship last year I'm satisfied .
  4. B heath
    I knew game three was over when they brought Luke Jackson in . He is not a good pitcher under pressure
  5. Dr. Cooks
    Stop censoring “let’s go Brandon” I thought y’all were patriots
  6. Shishmaref
    I’m gonna Love seeing the dodgers go down in this series! Everything that comes out of California is a joke! The whole state and its people are living a modern day Babylon.
  7. Best reviews bd
    Very Nice And Popula Sports This Is Your Country,Our Country Most Popular Sports Cricket Are You Love Cricket
    Freddy freeman needs to win a world series he deserves it.
  9. Myster Mysterio
    Dale Murphy number 3 ... One of my top ten baseball idols ... Hall of Fame in my book
  10. Randy Thompson
    It’s over Dodgers!! Enjoy your asterisk World Series win from last year because it’ll be a long season again next year and we’ve all seen this week how you guys can’t handle the pressure of a regular season the way the Houston Astros do!!!
  11. Randy Thompson
    If you watch this game closely tonight in super slo-mo, you can actually see the Dodgers choking on their own tears.

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