CGRundertow EMPIRE OF STEEL для Sega Mega Drive Обзор видеоигры

Обзор Empire Of Steel. Classic Game Room представляет обзор CGRundertow Empire Of Steel от HOT B и Flying Edge для SEGA Mega Drive. Выпущенная в 1992, Empire Of Steel известна в США как Steel Empire for the Genesis. Игра была вдохновлена одноименным 1819 романом, который сыграл важную роль в развитии стимпанка. Empire Of Steel - это шутер со скроллингом в красивом стиле стимпанк, и в 1992 это сделало его довольно уникальной игрой. Как пилот в Сильверхеде, последней независимой республике, ваша задача - уничтожить Империю Моторхед. Но что выделяет Empire Of Steel, так это ее искусство в стиле стимпанк. В этом видеообзоре представлены кадры игрового процесса Empire Of Steel для SEGA Mega Drive и аудиокомментарии от Дерека из Classic Game Room.

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11 комментов

  1. Morahman7vnNo2
    Cool, it's a nice change in art style from the typical Space Ship Shooter.
  2. Rich’s random stuff
    I found the soundtrack real good personally.
  3. McCarthy Noah
    where can i find the book iv'e looked and looked but i cant find anything on it except that a game was based on it
  4. Jolstar
    Loved this game, I ended up getting it cheap about 3 years after it was released. Anybody know of a link where you can get download this on the PC? One that doesn't come with a load of spyware etc... Cheers!
  5. James D
    Why does everyone hate on Derek so much?!?! I think he's cool!
  6. Jolstar
    Hi mate, thanks for your reply. When you download Gens, i'm just wondering what happens to it when it goes? Do you have to unzip that or something? I then found Empire of Steel but I just ended up downloading it and it didn't really do anything after it had finished downloading. Thanks!
    Also, the novel thingie is most certainly a joke. "Imperio do Aceiro" is Galician, a rural language from a small autonomous province in the northwest of Spain, which had been kept pretty much dead by the Castilian tongue over centuries and re-emerged only later on the 19th century. It's pretty hard to believe that a whole novel was written in a pretty much dead language.

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