Обзор внешнего жесткого диска Seagate PS4 / распаковка + тест!

В этом видео я рассказываю об обзоре / распаковке внешнего жесткого диска Seagate PS4

Диск Seagate для PS4: I

# PS4 # SegatePS4 # PS4ExternalHardDrive
========== ============================================
Запасной USB-кабель для PS4: 6

USB-накопитель для PS4: 0

Внешний жесткий диск для PS4 Диск:

Кабель локальной сети PS4: A
=================== ===================================

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14 комментов

  1. 1k kartii
    when i plugged mine in nothing happens the light doesn’t come on and it don’t pop up in devices
  2. Danny Taggart
    Just brought a 2TB Marvel Avengers limited edition one of these (I got Thor ??) and fully keen to utilise this for games
  3. deathgarden 06
    There are serveral 1 star reviews saying it dies within 2-8 months
  4. logangarrison
    I e heard they die randomly, is yours still alive?
  5. Dwayne’sRockHardJohnson
    Anyone knowledgeable know if this will be enough to hold mw 2019, bo4, cold war, and the new bf 2042??
  6. Fleego
    I just bought one the process to get it install went through good but when I try to switch games to a extended storage it didn't highlight any of the call of duty games
  7. DerWaidmann
    What's the difference between this and the normal one? Is it easier to plug in and get working? Does it work better on PS4 than the universal one?
  8. OffWhiteIvan
    Unboxed mine and connected it right off the bat, the light went on for a couple seconds but it didn’t not show up on my PS4 and then the light never came on when it was connected again a couple minutes later. Is this a Defective game drive?
  9. Oskar De Oz
    I just bought one of this but my ps4 does show nothing
  10. Jack Cod555
    Got mine over two years ago , mine has been on the fritz for over six months now by randomly disconnecting on its own not being touched or moved at all. Today it finally needed to be reformatted as a external hard drive from corrupted data . I lost all my saves and have to now delete and re download and install multiple games and movies and I can say DO NOT BUY THIS UNLESS YOU ONLY PUT OLD GAMES ON IT . Fuck Sony

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