Battletoads (2020) — Full Gameplay Walkthrough [4K]

Full Gameplay Walkthrough of Battletoads (2020).
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13 комментов

  1. Daniel
    Terminei a parte do guardião e estou gostando do jogo. É melhor do que o que os críticos tendenciosos disseram.
  2. Vince 1988
    I wish Microsoft would port this to Switch like they did Cuphead.
  3. Herman Herman
    Been enjoying it so far minus that one level where you reboot the ship. Really didn't know I was so close to the end.
  4. Raven
    Similar game, but not the same title
  5. Jordan Ziolkowski
    The original was so much more interesting with its level design and obstacles, and the turbo bike section was actually insane back then.
    I had no idea they brought back battletoads!
  7. bWWd
    From the looks of it, they made totally unrelated game and it was pretty much finished, then they decided to throw in battletoads characters and do some last minute changes , its so obvious, most of non toad characters are totally unknown cause these are from their original proto game that would not be released , they just didnt want to scrap all the stuff they did and merged it to this game, its pretty bad tactics.
    looks great and like a rick and morty game.

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