Battletoads — Official Release Date Trailer

The Battletoads are back! Join Rash, Zitz and Pimple as they smash, stomp, drill, turbo bike, leap, shoot and generally be toadally awesome in their all-new, action-packed, multi-genre adventure of choreographed chaos! Battletoads launches on Xbox, Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass and Steam on August 20th. Developed by Dlala Studios in partnership with Rare.


13 комментов

  1. mikeboucherb
    Wtf was that.......?was so hype for the toads return....
  2. Anh DN
    what happened to the toads, they were jacked back in day...must be vegan now
  3. Dallas Forsberg
    this won't be on Switch and I really don't care.
  4. the obscure gamer
    Imagine peopel play this game as kids decide to call gamestop again after nearly 30 years just to say "you guys got battle toads

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