Battletoads Review

Battletoads reviewed by Terence Wiggins on Xbox One. Also available on PC.

"?After more than a quarter of a century in limbo, this new iteration of the legendarily difficult Battletoads takes everything that made the NES original memorable and reworks it into a friendlier, funnier beat 'em up. Entertaining characters with a great visual style, simple but rewarding combat and minigames, and a rad soundtrack coalesce into a respectably enjoyable revival, with its most notable shortcomings being that enemy variety is a little slim and the story is over too quickly."

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  1. Michael Murray
    "Original battletoads was bad and controls were stiff" said truly like someone that couldn't beat new super mario bros wii u , gamer card turn it in now.
  2. ManiacArtist
    Lol the original game is bad? Did he die on the first level?!
  3. injun sniper
    the og battletoads was fun playing with my cousins in 1990s super nintendo.. taking turns trying to beat the stages
  4. Section8dc
    Its like you people strive to be bad at reviewing games lol, what a joke of a review.
  5. wowee zowee
    “The original 1991 Battletoads is a bad game”wow, way to completely discredit your opinion
  6. ToxicPancakes
    “Prepare for some truth.”Instant 1k dislikes
  7. Fugo Skywalker64
    “Original 1981 battletoads is a bad game”Typical IGN being IGN
  8. Wraith
    Original was a bad game.... Yeah remember how nobody wanted a battletoads remake...
  9. Gizzo Dadon
    Imagine being so bad at video games that you equate quality to low difficulty.
  10. Veronica D.G.
    What's this clown smoking? The original Battletoads featured tight and perfect controls.
  11. Mopsy Girl
    Battletoads on NES was hot garbage. arcade version was better.

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