Battletoads 2020 — Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough (No Commentary, XBOX ONE X)

This is my full game walkthrough of Battletoads 2020. It's not a 100% hardcore walkthrough. Just a casual fun one. I'm trying to coop the game and will do a 100% run then. hope you guys enjoy!

►NOTE - Thanks to Ana of Veritas Communications and Microsoft for the game!

►NOTE - Outro Music credit goes to my friends Black Creek Reign:
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13 комментов

  1. Rubhen925
    My solo run of the game! Gonna check out coop soon :)If you guys enjoyed the video, do Like and subscribe to help the channel, and also share on social media as well! It's really helps the channel and the videos gets exposure! Make sure to turn the notification bell on for the channel to stay tuned :)►Become a Member & Support the Channel -►Discord: The Hunter's Dream -►Twitter: @raijumc - I'll do my best to answer questions here, but i tend to respond faster on Discord :)
  2. jimbox114
    Do not feel the art style fits the game at all. Battletoads arcade is probably the best Battletoads game IMO.
  3. Kim
    They should turn this game into a full fledged TV series.
  4. edDbalaM
    wtf is this web flash game... microsoft is a disaster !
  5. marco stay
    In the min 36:40, this is my first time watching this and i realize at the very first minute you have to arrange the picture in the order that the sides paneles tells you... Crown, explotion, stick and key... man, it was really frustrating to watch it...
  6. Quagmire
    This looks so terrible, I wouldn't download it for free & I love battle toads.
  7. BADmen
    I like how I click on random timecodes and game change it's genre every time. Looks awesome to me going to buy on next sale
  8. lджагер сфыч
    на денди лучше даже походу

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