Battletoads 2020 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

Battletoads 2020 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - No commentary. Played on Xbox One X.
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► No Commentary Gameplay Walkthrough by Xcagegame
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Thanks to Microsoft for giving me an early copy of Battletoads.

6 комментов

    i play on xbox is there a way i can invite my friends
  2. Chance Barker
    3 nerds made a video game, got sucked into cyberspace, and became digital fighting Amphibians.
  3. kokesi ninja
    The old Arcade version is better . This characters style, is very simple . This game be was cool, the classic pixel-art style .
  4. Ryan Brown
    This game is pretty slick!!!! A great reboot to what I remember as a kid

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