Who Can Turret Dive FASTEST in Brawl Stars!? ? (satisfying)

Brawl Stars Which Brawler Can Turret Dive Fastest! | BenTimm1
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Today we race all 51 Brawlers in Brawl Stars to see who is the fastest Turret Dive Brawler Team in a 4 round tournament!

0:00 - Intro
0:14 - Round 1 Bull, Stu, Poco VS 8 Bit, Ruffs, Crow
0:38 - Move Network
1:32 - Rico, Meg, Mortis VS Jacky, Squeak, Spike
1:54 - Darryl, Tick, Piper VS Shelly, Colt, Rosa
2:11 - Jessie, Byron, Colette VS Barley, Tara, Surge
2:33 - Brock, El Primo, Sandy VS Bo, Pam, Frank
2:54 - Penny, Bibi, Amber VS Emz, Nani, Mr. P
3:21 - Carl, Griff, Gale VS Nita, Edgar, Max
3:45 - Bea, Sprout, Buzz VS Dynamike, Leon, Belle
4:21 - Dynamike, Leon, Belle VS Gene, Ash, Lou
5:05 - Round 2
5:08 - 8 Bit, Ruffs, Crow VS Jacky, Squeak, Spike
5:36 - Shelly, Colt, Rosa VS Jessie, Byron, Colette
5:51 - Brock, El Primo, Sandy VS Emz, Nani, Mr. P

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13 комментов

  1. BenTimm1
    Who would have guessed that turret diving was so easy?!!?
  2. Lorenzo Francisco
    Bentimm1 in Mech arena I asked to be your friend and can you please except
  3. jason you
    bt1: gemming every day Me: just playing matches every day
  4. Shark Attack- Brawl Stars
    Hi ben I was the one spectating you at 3:30 well i have lambo added
  5. Cyber Paw
    3:05 i think u would've won if u detonated it when it was just about to die. U detonated it when it had almost full hp
  6. Snowy gamers
    Despite Edgar’s team losing, I’m still happy since he made it to the final round
  7. Robert Haydamous
    Do you really follow this crap, the game creators are cheating you. They are cheaters, liars.
  8. Marcus MVP & 小挥哥
    I was always happy when BT1 uploads a new video
  9. Duong Hoang Minh
    If you used steel hoops on darryl, he could tank like 6 ike shot and only take 600 damage. Steel hoops is ten time better than rolling reload cuz you will die before you could even fire 2 ammoFor Gale, you need to use the jump pad out side the ike zone, so that you won’t take damage while in the air

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