BEST KARMA EVER !! | Brawl Stars Funny Moments & Fails & Win #457

BEST KARMA EVER. Brawl Stars Funny moments, Fails, Win. Brawl Stars Montage Ep160.
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13 комментов

  1. Tim Brawl Stars
    Hope you enjoy the video ! love you allSend me your clip :
  2. Амир Рахимов
    3:40 бесконечная ульта мортиса
  3. นัสรุดดีน อาแวเงาะ
    5:07 What is the background music in the clip?
  4. LookoutBelow3
    0:28 that’s was like chief pat but the opposite! Could it be chief hat?
  5. Mudit Modi
    Are u indian or American pls tell becuase karma is used in india ???
  6. nOKxxxx
    3:37 это внук старейшины из бесконечной ульты мортиса

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