All Special Skins ATTACK SOUND vs Default Skins | Brawl Stars

? Hi, It's KoOL Ez!
* Let's see all special skins attack sound (skins with different sound effects from default skins).
* Not all brawlers have that special skins.
* Sound effects: Attack, Reload, Super.
* Voice lines may be attached to the Super sound efects.

0:00 Intro
0:07 Witch Shelly & Princess Shelly
0:22 Shiba Nita & Whale Watch Nita
0:46 Space Ox Bull
1:02 Dragon Knight Jessie, Dark Knight Jessie, Summer Jessie & Tanuki Jessie
1:36 Beach Brock
1:57 Robo Mike
2:16 Mecha Bo, Light Mecha Bo, Gold Mecha Bo & Horus Bo
2:35 El Brown, El Dragón Rosado & El Dragón Verdoso
2:58 Wizard Barley & Red Wizard Barley
3:20 Trash Poco
3:38 D4R-RY1
3:52 Leonard Carl, Captain Carl, Dark Tide Carl & Surfer Carl
4:14 Jet Ski Jacky
4:30 Holiday Pam & Evil Queen Pam
4:57 Heroine Bibi & Zombibi
5:22 Sally Nani
5:42 Rogue Mortis
5:56 Evil Gene
6:21 Robo Spike
6:41 Mecha Crow, Night Mecha Crow & Gold Mecha Crow
6:56 King Lou
7:19 Ronin Ruffs
7:42 Born Bad Buzz
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