NEW XBOX DEALS | Cuphead, Aliens: Fireteam Elite, The Escapists 2 + MORE | Xbox Deals of the Week

We've got some brand new deals available on the Xbox Store this week, including everybody's favourite Cuphead, the newly released Aliens: Fireteam Elite and loads more.

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13 комментов

  1. Kingslayer
    is there any way little hope will go on sale due to Halloween approaching and house of ashes coming on the 22nd?
  2. ReiGnJuste
    Now that Diablo 2 has been remastered I think it’s time for baldurs gate 1 and 2 and icewind dale 1 and 2 to to have their respectful remasters!These games are the same legend as Diablo 2
  3. Glenford R
    When will Xbox find a way to get "Grim Dawn and Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem" onto the Xbox store, instead of asking people to pay 30$ for a remastered Diablo, which was a good game for its time but its time has passed.
  4. Golgen Belov
    Except Metro every single game is up and down up and down. Why would you even bother saying huge sale. Shame on you
  5. Mad Max
    pixel is not all the talk must be dumb gamers xbox i love you but we need real games like playstation they getting spiderman and morales and venom and a new wolverine game and star wars wars remasterd come on xbox we need some games to compete note these pixel trash games this is so sad
  6. findantu
    I really wish bandai would drop a super robot wars for Xbox.
  7. Daniel Mannion
    I played cup head for about half an never played again. The game is amazing but it's just far too difficult for me I could never get through it lol.
  8. Susan Collins.
    What A Load Of ? From XBOX Again Nothing To Interest Again..Game Pass Also…Cancelled ?

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