CYBERPUNK 2077 BIG Update 1.2 — Is It Fixed?

Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS4, Xbox) has received a massive 1.2 patch update. Has the game improved? Problems solved? Let's dive in.
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  1. gameranx
    plz def let us know your experience if you tried the 1.2 update ?
  2. Emily Terral
    I just got the game for $13 at walmart. I heard it had bugs, but i didnt know how bad they were!!!
  3. xCharlesBronsonx
    I'm assuming the game still doesn't function on the base ps4.The framerate must be between 15-20 and stuttering like all hellCan anyone give some input?
  4. MrBeans
    i desperately wanted to play this game... still havent, wondering if its worth it for PC now....
  5. wobbl
    cyberpunk: does many bug fixesalso cyberpunk: doesn't add water physics and ragdolls when you jump off a bike
  6. Beta Bf
    I bought this game without reading the reviewsIt was a huge mistake
  7. Cruzan9
    Currently playing Ghost of Tsushima. It's going to take me a while to finish that one but I thought I'd give Cyperpunk 2077 another look for my next game. So far, from what I've gathered, it's not looking great despite the patch. In any event, I'm going to wait until Black Friday. I'm willing to drop no more than $20 on this game.
  8. dylan murphy
    Can’t believe I chose to buy this over Watch Dogs and Valhalla at the time.
  9. Lennart Weber
    Yo i cant fet steady 60FPS on low settings with my 1080ti.How can this game be so much worse than DEUS EX, wich released almost a decade before this game.This is by far the worst working game i have played in A LONG TIME and measured by the graphics and technical issues.So glad i never payed for this, because a friend let me test it before i bought it, yesterday.
  10. Luke Wollweber
    I want to get this game at this point, they seem to be making real strides in improvement but the fact that you have a better shot at meeting aliens than getting a PS5 is what holds me back
  11. Billy Von Herrington
    I assume I was luck? I didn’t really have bugs in general. The only thing that happened to me was a mission not starting, all I had to do was reload save and that was done.

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