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Посмотрите новый трейлер, демонстрирующий мир, персонажей, историю и действия Cyberpunk 2077!

Cyberpunk 2077, приключенческий боевик с открытым миром от CD PROJEKT RED, выйдет на Xbox One, PlayStation 4, ПК и Google Stadia в декабре 10 2020. В игру также можно будет играть на консолях Xbox Series X и PlayStation 5.

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Об игре:
Cyberpunk 2077 - это приключенческий боевик с открытым миром, действие которого происходит в Найт-Сити, мегаполисе, одержимом властью. , гламур и модификация тела. Вы играете за Ви, наемника-преступника, преследующего единственный в своем роде имплант, который является ключом к бессмертию. Вы можете настроить киберпрограмму, набор навыков и стиль игры своего персонажа и исследовать огромный город, где ваш выбор формирует историю и мир вокруг вас.

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Название: MojoHand
Исполняет: The Cold Stares
Автор: Кристофер Тэпп

Название: Hyper Music
Музыка и слова: Мэтью Джеймс Баллами
Издатель: Hewrate Limited / Warner Chappell Music Publishing Limited
Суб-издатель: Warner Chappell Music Poland Sp. z oo

12 комментов

  1. Immersivegenix
    My first playtrough I knew Dex is the one seting it up
  2. Attila 22
    It's funny how you can see stuff like the crappy braindead pedestrians at 00:07 slowly ambling along aimlessly. The truth was in front of our eyes the whole time and everyone was blinded by the hype.Even holding a gun on the shopkeeper was from a BD rather than actual gameplay which everyone thought at the time.It's important to remember that the trailers/marketing was misleading from the very start. They ran out of time to optimize yes but the life paths were always intended to be super short and the timeskip cutscene was always intended so don't absolve the devs for blame on this.
  3. Grant Middleton
    This trailer is from June 2020?! How did I not see this one?! Damn, this is a cool trailer, showing Dexter, as the 2019 trailer did. The "Gig" looks like shit goes sideways at some point. I just received CP 2077 as a gift on Steam from my younger brother, because I kept telling how awesome the trailers make the game look. It doesn't bother me that it was delayed multiple times(from April 2020, to September 2020, to November 2020, then to December 2020. What we got was a very different experience dependin to on whether those if us who have even an Xbox One X, a Playstation 4 Pro(which didn't run so well; an those of us, who have high end gaming PC's; as I do, then the PC players got the game as it was meant to be. I feel sorry for Xbox and Playstion 4 owners who got shitty graphical errors and T posing weirdness. If you can afford a high end gaming PC, or a Xbox Series X, or a Playstation 5, then go buy one of them. My Skytech gaming PC is wonderful!
  4. Deen Jay Costantino S. Batac
    not the best in the android not official stupid
  5. Zachary Giarnieri
    Hey CDPR where the hell is this song? Like a full release. If you could bring back 2018 Chippin in after telling everyone you tossed it, you should be able to release Mojo Hand. The one song I want to hear in game atleast just drops off the radar thanks guys.
  6. ㄥㄖ几乇
    You guys cut too much start content we don't have much of a real bond with Jackie and others
  7. SeanIsElectric
    "In-Game Footage"Hmmm I must missed that bit.. What a load of shite...

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