CYBERPUNK 2077 SOUNDTRACK — DELICATE WEAPON by Grimes & Lizzy Wizzy (Official Video)

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14 комментов

  1. Adam Z. Goombachi
    cant wait for more people to now enjoy this song
  2. Hetecks
    The song's vibe is legit my original character's whose date othersIt's not much but the ones who has fits well with this song
  3. Felix
    Body Heat Radio has some bangers, but I always have to listen to the Ponpon song ...
  4. wtff
    This song came on the radio and I abandoned my destination and just drove. What a chill song.
  5. Dair
    Biking through Westbrook at night with this on the radio is trascendent.
  6. Flutter Butter
    Song always gets me deeply immersed into the game while I’m cruising around in the Caliburn
  7. Anime Wulf
    Lmao what an artistic decision, to purposely clip the song at the beginning (static).
  8. Rin Ishikawa
    This song in particular really reminds me of Ghost in the Shell and I adore that about it.
  9. Jareth Raphiael
    Played this after I took out Adam Smasher with Rebecca's shotgun. All is right in the world.
  10. Alex P.
    Im 100 hours into the game and never heard this song.
    So happy I found this. I remember hearing this for the first time while driving through Kabuki and feeling stuck in a trance. So ethereal, so futuristic, so Cyberpunk.
  12. Vanessa C
    Wow what a beautiful song. Very reminiscent of one of her best songs flesh without blood, similar chord progression.

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