ОБЗОРЫ КНОПКИ ДЕЙСТВИЯ Специальная премьера Cyberpunk 2077 !!

streamed on 2021-10-26
starts at 4: 00

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  1. Toni
    i pretended to believe him at first, just to roleplay that emotion. hysterical gag
  2. Kekkan Seihin 「Upscaler」 「Rank 4」
    "Jerry Trashcan" lmao
  3. Bagingo Productionz
    Not ashamed to admit I fell for the prank for a good few moments...
  4. SadeN
    I can't believe I missed this fucking stream.Anyway that beginning is downright epic
  5. Osoweeb
    I literally WATCHED this premiere and I did not know that when I left the livestream I left RIGHT when the Goblin Crew watched the CYBERPUNK 2077 review on the Action Button Twitch channel with Tim Rogers
  6. Cleftist
    It was midnight in my time zone when this thing started and I was extremely hyped. Felt like the biggest event of the year, as if I was waiting for a big Hollywood movie to premiere. Absolutely fantastic experience, and I was really happy to see Tim alive and, relatively, well again. 10/10 will watch again next year for the memory.
  7. BBX
    lmao those last couple minutes with the discord, like a teacher attempting to corral his class of children
  8. Yuki Mishima
    I literally joined the stream the exact moment he said "so now that all the haters have left", and was highly confused about what all the people in chat were screaming about.

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