Cyberpunk 2077 — непредвзятый обзор

После долгих лет ожидания шумиха превратилась в ненависть, но Киберпанк 2077 такой же плохой как говорят?

Введение - 0: 00
Часть первая: Паучьи рои - 09: 14
Часть вторая: РПГ и Ведьмаки - 16: 57
Часть третья: одна игра, чтобы править всеми - 43: 06
Часть четвертая: Ищу историю, которая могла бы спасти меня - 1: 13 : 58
Вывод - 1: 38: 13

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  1. Micheal Cox
    You can get drunk and hook up with people in The Witcher 3
  2. Micheal Cox
    I don't understand the point of branching narratives. It's just a decision of which of the various endings do you want, and theres almost always a clear winner, so just look up what dialogue options to take to get there. Just tell a good story, branching narratives adds nothing.
  3. Studio Gimli
    ok, i just made my own character, i can't wait t- HIS NAME IS VINCENT!?
  4. 人間失格
    Rewatching all your videos right now. I gotta say tho, i still believe that the meteoric rise of CDPR and all these new (diversityquota) hirings led them to their downfall. These zoomer "game-developers" cannot work, they never did and dont know what it means to really work HARD on something. They will call it crunch. All they do is hang around twitter and talk about social stuff.
  5. It Burns When IP
    All I wanted was good AI. They couldn't even do that lol

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