Quest Director plays Cyberpunk 2077! #23

After almost hour-long meme review we have dive back into Cyberpunk's side content - did multiple gigs and finally leveled up my technical ability to get Edgerunner Artisan and build that legendary Overwatch sniper rifle, along with my first legendary tech handgun. Feels good man.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open world RPG that I have co-created. As I love talking about design, storytelling and psychology in games, I have started streaming on Twitch and discussing it all with my audience.

My goal is to share everything I have learned over a decade in AAA games industry, openly exchange ideas, explain creative decisions and encourage the next generation of game designers and storytellers to create.

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Timestamps for your viewing experience:

0:00​​​ - Music
04:54​​ - Stream starts
10:03 - Weekly Meme Review
19:22 - Freaks Segment
44:44 - Voiceacting for Witcher 3
57:30 - Building Quadra on Burning Wrenches 0
1:02:40 - It's all about you, ep.2 4
1:05:00 - Thank you for the Community
1:09:40 - The Day when The Witcher 3 reviews hit
1:18:13 - Player-written dialogs in games
1:21:10 - Discussing NetWatch
1:25:00 - Vision behind FPP Scenes
1:27:28 - Reason for using TPP in the endings
1:29:42 - Iterating design of the game
1:32:25 - Responsibility of the game designer
1:34:30 - My Top PS4 exclusives
1:36:00 - Player's perspective on FPP scenes
1:38:33 - Post-apocalyptic game
1:40:55 - Taking down Logan
1:43:00 - "The obvious method"
1:53:30 - My coworkers about streams
1:54:56 - The Witcher 3 as a detective game
2:00:20 - Writing from the opposite direction
2:05:50 - Gig: Breaking News
2:06:00 - Creator influencing the creation
2:19:15 - Meeting Ted Fox
2:22:30 - Fixer's reactions
2:32:00 - Gig: Race to the Top
2:40:55 - Cycle of game development
2:45:30 - Traits of an ideal intern
2:49:00 - Changing needs in the gamedev studio
2:56:00 - Gig: Severance Package
2:58:00 - Advice for starting the career in gamedev
3:16:40 - Background characters
3:24:30 - Cyberpsycho: Under the Bridge
3:30:30 - Fighting Tamara Cosby
3:36:15 - Post-stream questions
3:38:53 - Stream is ending
Thank you for watching!

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  1. N7Andy
    Great! :) I'll have this in the background while working today. Perfect timing! Though, I have to ask.. why don't you guys release more free DLC in between updates? It would sure keep the community excited and on their toes. Even if it's just more character customisation. I liked how in TW3, all main characters had alternate outfits. You've already done that with Johnny. I wonder if Jackie, Panam, Judy, Rogue, etc, are next on your list..? Or just let us open up the Character Appearance / Customisation Menu at Ripperdocs (though I imagine genitals / gender / voice options would have to be greyed out, of course, since that would cause all kinds of issues with your romances and game dialogue) Maybe restore the original E3 Male / Female V Presets. I especially loved that deep scar on male V's head.

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