Desperados 3 DLC Walkthrough: Money For The Vultures Part 3 — Once More With Feeling (HARD)

Walkthrough of Desperados III DLC: Money for the vultures part 3 - Once more with feeling on 'hard' difficulty without any commentary. Cut all 'Trial & Error' and mistakes made in the level for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. NeatPick
    Part 1 - 2 -
  2. tuan kiet tran
    i am waiting for p3 to download, you are really fast
  3. Markus L.
    Why is the video in the beginning just black? Is that a bug? Got the same issue
  4. I Watch Anime
    My question is whether Desperados 1 from 2001 will get a remaster (now that the prequel is done) and a few tweaks in the story (the story of the first game is a bit boring) What do you people think?
  5. ミーレーヌトラトゥール
    LOL that's Sanchez's hideout @@
  6. Lvhcen
    Gg , bro why u hide all the bodies ?? U could dont waste that much of time

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