Desperados III — 90 Minutes of PS4 Gameplay

Howdy partners, and welcome to 1870s USA as Dave takes John Cooper for a spin around the old west of Desperados III. How many bushes can we fill with corpses? Only one way to find out...!

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We use AverMedia's live Gamer Pro for PS4 capture and streaming.

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11 комментов

  1. Victor Von Doom
    Allright...Im channeling Rob at this point Dave: JUST THROW THE DAMN COIN?
  2. jay147
    Commandos is one of my favorites! Love that these kind of games can still be made.
  3. MG P
    37:18 Dave's faux pax reminds me of the first Police Academy, lol!
  4. Pvt Ferret
    Do i need to have played the first two games to understand this? It seems strange to release this on console when the previous two entries were pc games.
  5. Hollis Williams
    1:09:09 same actor that voices Brok in God of War
  6. Read.tea.chill Blog
    I love you so much for my I love spending time with you my gorgeous w2w

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