DESPERADOS 3 (PS4 PRO) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 — Intro & Tutorial

This is my walkthrough of Desperados 3 on the PS4 PRO with no commentary. I try my best to stealth through the game. Not all challenges are done here, as that would take multiple playthroughs to experiment with. The game is really well made and has a ton of different possibilities to take out your targets. But the most overpowered is John with his Knife. You can just use the knife from a bush to take out a HVT and leave after the alarm goes off lol. More to come all weekend :)

►NOTE - Thanks to Chris of Evolve PR for the game!

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  1. Rubhen925
    Really liking the game. The camera control can get a bit annoying on a controller, wish it was automatic but we can deal with ti. Seems like I'll be just taking enemies out with the throwing knife haha. More to come later tonight :)►Become a Member & Support the Channel -►Discord: The Hunter's Dream -►Twitter: @raijumc - I'll do my best to answer questions here, but i tend to respond faster on Discord :)If you guys enjoyed the video, do Like and subscribe to help the channel, and also share on social media as well! Make sure to turn the notification bell on for the channel to stay tuned :)

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