Desperados 3 Review

Reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on Xbox One X. Also available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

"Desperados 3 is an uncompromising tactical stealth game that tests your patience and rewards your willingness to experiment. Playing with a charming team of toy soldier-sized assassins in a series of deadly and detailed dioramas is tough and requires a lot of trial and error, but success is more rousing than a whiskey chaser. Dormant for 14 years, in Desperados 3 the series enjoys the most triumphant comeback in the Western genre since Clint Eastwood made Unforgiven."

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  1. Z Man
    I played the first one around 15 years ago on pc was awesome
    First ninjas, now cowboys, what's next? knights?
  3. Lisha Kalijee
    Well.. It can never be better than red dead redemption 2
  4. Mahesh Jasti
    Commandos series, Desperados 1&3, Shadow Tactics and Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood ❤️❤️❤️ need more games like this
  5. Hardo Wider
    Hardcore mode + 4 saves each level.Best way to play it. So painful and frustrating but in the end rewarding.
  6. Ronald Scott
    Take up way to much space on hard drive.I downloaded demo and it was over7 gigs.And just did not care for game.
  7. Chad Myers
    It's funny how people pick out or criticize details such as the characters speaking when far away from one another. It's a video game, suspend your belief and just enjoy the ride.

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