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  1. Kennechi Sy
    ti10 was supposed to be the ti where iceiceice and kaci will have another awkward interview after a year coz of the covid ti hiatus. shame kaci couldnt make it to ti10.
  2. ElitistMagi
    iceiceice ..................... looooooooooooooool
  3. Привет! Это мой мир.
    Kaci looks like Jodi West. omg <3 what a masterpiece
  4. Azeem Gaming
    she is the best thing about dota and the internationals.. dota and the internationals wont be the same without her..
  5. Master Baiter
    Kaci predicted the prize for TI 10 Championship.
  6. Nate The Scot
    I fucking LOVE Kaci so goddamn much and whenever she decides to stop doing live TI shows i will be extremely sad (this year was kind of a weird one with no audience etc).

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