True Sight : The Kiev Major Grand Finals

TRUE SIGHT is a documentary series that takes you behind the scenes of the journeys of professional Dota 2 teams. This episode follows OG and through the grand finals at The Kiev Major, one of three premiere esports events that comprise this year’s Dota 2 Major Championships.
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  1. Darren1
    I like to think Ana and s4 are on good terms..just they're really awkward with people and just go with whatever flow they're in
  2. Sea Life Seafarer
    Они слабые ,они тупые .Вот и получили по жбану,чсв всегда проигрывает .А кто знал что тупые и слабые Оджи скоро выиграют два инта ,а вп не могут выше топ 6 подняться .
  3. Emil E
    One team tilting eachother and the other supporting...
  4. Захар Добровольский
    Это все сценарий
  5. MagBus
    Literally no one:..Ana: Guatavs4:.....Ana: His4: HiAna: (pause for a moment) he he he

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