ti4 All Stars Match — Team rOtk vs Team XBOCT — Dota 2

Dota 2 ti4 All-Star Game - Team rOtk vs Team XBOCT
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Team rOtk: Puppey, s4, BurNing, N0tail, Ferrari_430
Team XBOCT: Dendi, Loda, iceiceice, Arteezy, Chuan

Techies Arrived - The International 2014 All Star Game

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  1. Eros
    LMAO everyone cheering at the techies reveal didnt take 2 months to become the most hated hero to this day
  2. 12MYCRYL17
    And rtz still hasn't won a major or a ti. Sadge.But this is the time where ti all stars were actually fun. Hope we get to have this much fun again soon after the pandemic. Stay safe, everyone!
  3. Сухой Глаз
    А Пупею футболку не нашли, или реклама нави превыше всего
  4. Gustavo Barron
    when rtz was happy ...now he kinda hates the game ...

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