OpenAI + Dota 2

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  1. Spy
    Can you try this For League of legends i think it is gonna be a little harder
  2. Darkangel2147 An0n
    The problem I think of, when having a team with both AI and people on teams is communication, they all have good skill, but when having players you can talk to and coordinate with, it would work better, All I'm saying is there needs to be a way to be able to communicate with all your teammates.
  3. Рома Тютин
    Это узкий ии, который на одну задачу направлен
  4. MrVidification
    AI can play games with you, and will soon talk to you without fault. A scammer's dream come true. Friend request incoming...
  5. bezbos.
    Look how far we've come since this video. Truly amazing. The OpenAI team has done great work!
  6. AdrianDoesStuff
    I Think This AI Can Finally Force Valve To Count To 3
  7. Frenzy Wave
    From learning to play a game to controlling the world
  8. maria devera Dill
    Fantastic ,very interesting and revolutionary stuff going on here.
  9. Sam Brown
    Watching this after ChatGPT 4 was announced and before AI took over the world
  10. A $ h
    Wow, OpenAI has partnered with Dota before!? Coming from a company that will conquer the entire world this is very surprising!

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