OG vs SPIRIT — TI10 UNBELIEVABLE CRAZY MATCH!! — The International 2021 Dota 2 Highlights

OG vs TEAM SPIRIT - TI10 UNBELIEVABLE CRAZY MATCH! - The International 2021 10 Main Event TI10 Highlights Dota 2 Tournament 2021 - LB Round 3 Playoffs
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Commentary by Lyrical & Trent


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  1. Abraham Sarmiento
    I don't see why NightStalker is a problem. It's the job of a pos4 to setup ganks and rotations but it's the job of pos5 to mitigate the opposing team's initiations and counter initiations so to keep the ball moving and I can't see Nature's Prophet doing that in a meaningful way, sprout is not a reliable disable and body blocks are only useful in the early minutes
  2. Tali Amartya
    Torontotokyo says : EZ GAME. ????. This is what a taunt should looks like ?.Maybe they lose because didnt use hoodwink ???
  3. Amir Mahmoodi
    Amazing play by team spirit at 15:05. Yatoro TP up to def, while magnus is standing by for any attempt by OG to stop his TP. He saw Sumail coming for creeps and went for it. Good for Collapse, there were two fishes on the hook.
  4. P Clfld
    those arrogant og boys deserve to lose. not respect-banning magnus like wtf. shits not rocket science to know magnus was obliterating them... just like Einstein used to say, doing the exact same thing but expecting a different result is just fking stupid. yeah fking Einstein said that word by word

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