SPIRIT vs IG — HOLY GABEN!! RAMPAGE! TOP 3 — The International 2021 Dota 2 Highlights

TEAM SPIRIT vs IG INVICTUS GAMING - HOLY GABEN!! TOP 3 - The International 2021 10 Main Event TI10 Highlights Dota 2 Tournament 2021 - LB Round 4 Playoffs
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Commentary by ODPixel & Aui


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  1. Peaceperson
    collapse tf outplayed well, what a brilliant offlaner, they support also r so smooth n tacticay
  2. Mrkxndrlp_
    I want TS to have the title so they're story will be on this year's True Sight
  3. vincent dicky
    Maybe the kitchen training room works well for team spirit.. Hahahaha
  4. Burak Yigitcanlar
    SPIRIT's sups and offlaner are doing a bit too much
  5. Mcoy Nuketurnal
    it's as if yatoro doesnt want to play the same carry hero on a day. Spirit's support is insane tho. been a miposhka fan for a while now
  6. Jackson Sc
    Love watching a pro play FV and choke. 2 horrible chronospheres that lost them the game.
  7. Angelo Rodriguez
    It doesn't matter if whether you're a 2time Ti champs, a scary great team or you got the highest mmr player on your team. A dota game is a fair game. Who would'a thought that this Tema Spirit would do what they're doing rn. I hope they win. ?
  8. Christian Kenneth Del Mundo
    Team spirit is being very unpredictable and successful with these drafts. Seems like Wings going against orthodox and solid teams such as DC...

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