100% MAGNUS GOD — PSG.LGD vs SPIRIT Game 2 TI10 Grand Final

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►100% MAGNUS GOD — PSG.LGD vs SPIRIT Game 2 TI10 Grand Final

Our Team spent more than 14 hours everyday for uploading dota 2 highlights video.
Scan replays from 27 famous player and 51 minor player, and make sure only choose the best daily gameplay.
In order to filter 25+ replays, we are require to use up to 4x speed to watch every chosen replay.
Speed is the element factor to make sure everything that we upload is the most updated.

What Do I Record and Edit Video with ?
Recording: Nvidia Shadowplay
Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 13, Power Director
Thumbnail: Sony Vegas Pro 13, Photoshop.
If you got any question, don't hesitate to ask us
Pls email: justwanplayagame@gmail.com
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  1. Marlene Dauden
    TI 8 & TI9: FOUTAIN FarmingTI 10: HORNTOSS Farming
  2. Николай Тюкин
    : ВНИМАНИЕ! TEAM SPIRIT нарушили правила турнира, игрок Collapse зашел в кабинку к команде LGD и начал поднимать игроков на руки и выносить из их игровой кабинки, аргументировав это тем что он магнус

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