[EN] Late Game — Dota 2 The International 2021 — Main Event Day 6


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  1. Crushed Scouter
    giving the best team their best weapons in the game that decides everything. thats some big dick goku energy right there
  2. dOGE
    Team Spirit on their journey to TI Champions ;beat OG the defending champion, beat VP arguably best CIS team going in TI, beat Secret very strong EU team with TI veterans, lastly beat IG and PSG LGD easily two of top 3 chinese teams I didnt cheer for Team Spirit to win it all but i glad they did.
  3. Aldous the contractor
    1. OG2. Spirit3. Secret4. PSG LGD5. GolemTop five my favorite team that always be in my heart
  4. Daniel Chen
    Aww Slacks cut Aui and Bruno off when they were talking about Silent's past. I wanted to hear more about that. A shame.
  5. 12MYCRYL17
    Late Game is fuckiny awesome. I wish dota would always have this.
  6. Action Slacks is the most annoying caster since James. Every moment he opens his mouth I cringe.
  7. Fakhree
    What still mystery in Dota is, who is ice frog? So many theories said bruno , some one said abdul ismail. Until now, nobody know. XD

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