[EN] Team Secret — OG — Dota 2 The International 2021 — Main Event Day 1


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  1. Snakebonzai
    How do people not understand that it takes time to upload 2,5 hours of 1080p. Signs of uneducated entitled millenial cell phone zombies who take technology for granted, not because they grew up with it, but because they can't think.
  2. carrma25
    OG: Picks WindrangerSir Action Slacks: Distant screaming
  3. lost atnewyork
    I think hoodwink is preety good here - flopson
  4. Kieffus
    You guys complaining about 360p are so dumb. It's not even valves fault that youtube renders large videos extremely slowly,
  5. Kejk
    Nisha's shit eating grin is the perfect thumbnail for this video

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