I’ve Been ADDICTED To Dragon Quest Builders 2 On Nintendo Switch.

I CAN'T STOP PLAYING DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 ON NINTENDO SWITCH! I am hopelessly ADDICTED to this Nintendo Switch Game.... Here is my Dragon Quest Builders 2 Switch Review & not my Gameplay // SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THAT BELL!

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Thanks to these channels for their gameplay! I will be recording my own footage over the next few days for future videos!
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9 комментов

  1. BeatEmUps
    Finally, I can go out and see the daylight. I can live a normal life. I can get back into a basic cleaning schedule and take care of my health..... or I could just play a LITTLE longer.... brb.
  2. Zach Lundberg
    Damn it Wood! Your recommendations never disappoint and this one is no exception lol. I now have 2 wonderful games to play so far. I started playing octopath and now this. Thanks for these sincerely and keep up the good work with the vids!
  3. VašVoljeniStanoje
    This seems like Minecraft Story mode that everyone wanted. Hahahah
  4. Blake Lilley
    I love this game I just started my fourth savefile
  5. Slimpi dimpie
    If there is anyone with a negative opinion about this game, please share. I feel like all these overwhelmingly positive reviews might be a bit biased and want to know more before I buy
  6. Chance Chaffin
    I just downloaded this game on gamepass and thought “didn’t wood make a video on this?” I’m hooked too! Been up every night playing, my wife has to remind me to sleep at a decent hour haha
  7. yourturningpoint777
    **Dragon Quest Builders 2 just gets released**This guy: I have been addicted to dragon quest builders 2 for years! I know all about it!! Buddy you are trash.
  8. Max Cruz
    I just got this game and LOVE IT! Ima also Addicted to it and I haven’t really put it down except to go to work lol

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