DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS: Chapter 1 Town Layout

This was the final draft of my Cantlin town before I went on to Chapter 2.

If you like how creative this is, check out my science fantasy book series, Nihilian Effect

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  1. Red_Natto
    I gotta say, the care I see of your buildings is great, all the details, the banner of hope decorated that way, and the roof tiles only at the top of the walls really look nice! the inn with the small bath that was cool! I also like using underground rooms to maximise space, I didn't use obsidian for my outter wall, but I see it looks nice, I'm loving your town, I'll look your other two videos: Chapter 3 and 4 when I get to those!
  2. Coffee Cat
    Wait, you can make SHARED rooms?! This changes a lot of my planned layouts :D Fantastic town design, very well done and so much detail. I love the columns around the banner of hope.
  3. Ronan W.
    Bruh the underground inn made me feel stupid, how could i not think of that before ???‍♂️
  4. Pocholo Mallari
    My base is the best of a....No,no,Nooooooooo!
  5. Scarlet Moon
    omg sooooo coool can't wait to get to the point where i can do this kind of building in the game
  6. Michael Kaltenbrunner
    This was extremely difficult to masturbate to
  7. Ten Subhayon
    I already have an account so I can record but I am not a good recorder but when know how, I’ll show the town to you guys, I’m really working hard on my town.
  8. Ten Subhayon
    I’m impressed with my town but it’s almost good as yours but the problem is I made it using stone wall and flooring and castle walls.
  9. Nebel the Beast
    I much prefer the first chapter to the 2nd one. Chapter 1 is full of cool stuff and it has more features to help you build a cool base. In chapter 2 you have less stuff and there's no cladding -_-

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