Dungeons & Dragons Эпизод 9: Поиски воина-скелета

Это видео было создано как часть проекта веб-сайта, на котором профилируется работа службы поддержки Omega (которая предлагает образовательные и ИТ-поддержка клиентов

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  1. Ant «D»
    I cant hold my javelin, im too weak! I totally remember this episode and the scene with Diana turning old and Bobby turning into a baby.
  2. Jamen Brown
    Dekion could have been the inspiration for treasure game devlopers Undead Hero from Guardian Heroes Sega Saturn
  3. Future Catastrophes
    When they went on the roller coaster they died, now their quest is to be alive again. They are in the afterlife trying to get back to life.... You don't have to believe me....
  4. Don McCullen
    08:17 Inspired by a fragment of the first opening titles of original Twilight Zone series. Nobody has claimed to figure it out yet.
  5. gornhorror
    Great cartoon. Wish they would bring it back and resume where they left off...
  6. David Hodges
    When will they make a real life movie of this???
  7. Elias puppet
    we need more rich character stories like this one where the characters would have histories where they would not be perfect they would have flaws and have to overcome those flaws.
  8. Elias puppet
    and i like that Dekkion at the end he become a good guy again.
  9. Keyser The Red Beard
    awesome content Dungeons and Dragons - The Complete Animated Series. I killed that thumbs up on your video. Always keep up the outstanding work.

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