Dungeons, Dragons, and Dinosaurs — Kaiju Druid Subclass for D&D 5e

Dinosaurs should be the goal of any Druid in Dungeons & Dragons, but if you're not on Chult, this could be difficult. That's why this homebrew subclass The Circle of Bones, lets you turn into Dinosaurs and Kaiju, so T Rex, King Kong, and Godzilla become options. But it also helps you get smaller, for things like Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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  1. Matthew Hicks
    Great. Now I just wanna multiclass this with Mask champion Barbarian to play a Luchador Tyrannosaurus rex. ? CAN YOU IMAGINE HAVING A MASK THAT BIG?
  2. Arthur Velwest
    How would crossing this with rune knights ability to increase your size work out? is it really useful or just a way to knock off one of the exhaustions?
  3. smameann
    Medic Rouge you say??? Very interesting. A Doctor who knows where to stab people because they know where the vital organs are. That’s my next build sorted.
  4. I Slap Crabs
    I’m more of a martial boy, but if this was real, it’d be my favorite thing to play in D&D, it sounds incredible
  5. Great Eyewarp
    "With some room for interpretation."...you know where the legends of the horned water monsters came from?
  6. Klokworks
    //Frantically looks through all the creatures tagged as "beast" in the D&D Sourcebooks//Giant spider.Gargantuan Spider WITH WINGS.I may take 4 levels of exhaustion, but anyone who sees me wildshape will never know peace again :D
  7. Gage Davidson
    I'm going to do this for every video you post till it happens. Dante and Vergil from devil may cry 5

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