Dungeons and Dragons: Mimic

The Mimic is an iconic monstrosity that has featured in every edition of Dungeons & Dragons.
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4 коммента

  1. AJ Pickett
    Fun Fact, all the eyeballs the mimic emulates festooning its body, are just for intimidation... they do not see with Eyes, the see via photosensitive patches all over their body, including all over their extended pseudopods. Also, the common mimic has Grey body tissue and skin, why they are so often depicted as being purple or pink and fleshy is just artistic license, its never been reflected in the lore.
  2. THE FOX
    I had an idea for an adventure where all the corpse's in a town start disappearing from the morgue. People start to panic and blame a nearby wizard but in reality it's just a mimic that realized silly humanoids put their perfectly good fresh dead into big boxes to waste and snuck into the morgue to imitate a coffin.
  3. Big Sarge
    Traversing a mountain pass you've travelled before only to encounter a "fortress" that wasn't there last time.
  4. Damien Niebaum
    Oh yes my players next session are about to enter a room that has two chairs, a table and a chest on it. The table and the chest are going to be mimics so perfect timing!

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