Ford F-MAX — Scenic drive — Euro Truck Simulator 2 | Thrustmaster TX gameplay

Transporting a couple of Loaders with the Ford F-MAX (mod) from Oslo to Bergen in Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.42 (open beta) driven with Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition and th8a shifter.

For some extras and behind the scenes:

PC Specification: (DESKTOP)
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3900X
Motherboard: ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PLUS
GPU: Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080ti OC edition

Mods used:
Ford Trucks F-MAX (Steam Workshop)
/>Smooth Interior Camera v2.0
/>Realistic Truck Physics Mod V8.0 by Frkn64 (Steam Workshop)

Music Used: Voyage - LEMMiNO

12 комментов

  1. ChuNkyGaM3Rs
    since when looks that part of the map this good? with so many tree's and stuff
  2. Abody Khalid
    What is the name of the application on the phone that operates the truck using it?
  3. Марkо Антонио
    What a beautiful place to drive. This game is close to real, very good.
  4. ADRI KING18
    en ruta a full lo sin limitador de velocidad lo lleve 148km y con carga su tope me gusto mucho el juego
  5. Luis Fallas
    Amazing video, as always... What are you using on your phone, is that an app?
  6. What is
    Euro truck simulator all maps on your mind like gta vice city all maps on mind
  7. What is
    Sir you send a messege to euro truck simulator company to develop steering wheel with hand mode and without hand mod

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