Should You Buy Far Cry 6? (Review)

Should you Buy Far Cry 6? Far Cry 6 has been one of the most anticipated games on my channel ever since it was announced and I have been very excited for it. In this video I go over my honest thoughts and review of Far Cry 6 and whether or not I reccomend you buy it as well. If you enjoyed this video on Far Cry 6 I'd appreciate if you considered dropping a like on the video and subscribing for more Far Cry 6 related videos in the future. Other than that thanks for watching and have a great day everyone!

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    Am I the only one who is tired of these copy and paste games? Literally the only one? It's just far cry 3 again and again and again and again and again and again.... Its sickening I don't understand how no one is bored of this series.Basically every ubisoft games and many other are just the same copy and paste shit. No innovation, no creativity, no AI upgrades, no new significant gameplay impovements and yet they sell like hot cakes. Is everyone insane?
  2. babyarse 0
    My favorite thing they brought back was the healing animations
  3. luckylad
    I'd say that anton Castillo was fantastic as a normal villian but as a far cry villian he's just decent
  4. Rambo
    Far cry 6 gameplay is Valhalla with Guns. Literally.But hey i love it, Guns amazing. Free to choose your style to capture base.My meh of FC6 is "After captured base, players need spent extra minutes to looting ?". Looting materials after clear base is exhausting.Just make it as a reward for capturing base, no need to loot.
  5. Gunzo
    I'm only getting this game because far cry 3 blood dragon is getting a remaster for it
  6. נתן קורקות
    Short answer is yes you should for me its a 10/10
  7. A.G.M
    The only thing I didn’t like about this Far Cry is the animal companions. They all suck except for Boomer and he’s still not Jess Black or Grace Armstrong tier
  8. Mike Texas
    When game studios focus their efforts on woke inclusiveness instead of realism (The Last of Us 2, Battlefield, Far Cry 6) I give it an instant 0/10. Woke inclusiveness is a cancer, especially in gaming where people go to escape it.
  9. Ronnie 666
    Yes , highly recommended . You want to play Farcry , you ll get Farcry.
  10. Niv Rh
    Great game! They really went back to the origins of the series and I got so much far cry 3 vibes!
  11. Gaelan Gaudette
    I like that Ubisoft put in a bunch of those anti-air turrets so you can't just fly around everywhere until you take them out. Having an attack helicopter made Far Cry 5 a bit too easy.
  12. kronosleblu888
    Blood Dragon blows this game out of the water. And that says a lot about far cry 6.
  13. MadPandaBrigade
    I don't agree with the body shots or the ranking system making the game too challenging. Even in real life a sniper or bow shot does not always have the chance to kill with one shot, especially an arrow. It all depends on where on the body you hit and if they are armored. For example even with a headshot from a bow, if the target has an armored helmet on then the arrow will be deflected or at least not Penetrate fully thous not killing the target with one shot. Plus with my 50 cal sniper on this game I have killed enemies with one shot to the body multiple times. As far as the ranking system making the game too difficult, that is just you an others that I believe are not very good at the game because I have literally gone into the highest ranked areas like the big city when I was rank 3 an I was still wrecking the enemies an I am playing in action mode.

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