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  1. PlayStationGrenade
    Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you found other locations and I'll make a part 2.
  2. Krenzi’s Lego Creations
    surely there is a farcry 2 reference?
  3. C.O.D.M Opz
    Oh this is gonna A good video just buy the thumbnail
  4. Marquee Shift
    I think the cannister, fish and flamoingo thing is referring to water pollution
  5. David Taddeucci
    Found a small Mad Max Easter Egg that's in amongst the weapon charms. There's a disco ball you get for doing a treasure hunt in a condemned nightclub that's set in a underground cave. The disco ball charm is called "Deader Than Disco (Chrome)" and the description reads "Ride eternal, shiny and chrome." A line from Mad Max Fury Road
  6. Emiliano Zapata
    Another game from CIA list of games for spreading propaganda even through kids brains.By the way even with the fact that its just a propaganda they didn't add anything new,real colorfull bullshit game ?
  7. Angel Ojeda
    the secret ending is a refrence to the just cuase 3 main title page :)
  8. Carlos Barron
    Great video... EVEN THAT “CONCEPCIÓN” PRONUNTATION... much much better than the strange Spanish in the game haha
  9. thundergun100
    I feel bad for everyone who chose to play this game as male Dani

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